Mini Split System Maintenance

​It is important to work with a reputable HVAC Contractor such as East Coast Heating & Cooling  when it comes to maintenance and installation. This can insure the best results.

What are Ductless Mini Split Systems?

Ductless Mini Split Systems are becoming more and more popular. This system is a convenient way to add both heating and air-conditioning to an Unconditioned room or even a small addition to your home. These mini split systems are individualized, small, indoor units that are installed in each seprate room. Instead of pushing and pulling air to one central indoor unit, each room handles its own climate and cooling needs. 

Homeowner Care Tips

  • Check and clean air filter each month

  • Check outside cabinet periodically for airflow obstructions

  • ​Keep outside of unit clean and free of dust and debris

How are Ductless Mini Split Systems Beneficial?

  • Existing ductwork is not needed

  • Affordable is Retro-fitting or building from the ground up
  • Less install time
  • Heating capabilities (same system Heating & Cooling)
  • Versatility-can be installed in a variety of places
  • Energy efficient 

The Mini Split Systems we provide our customers require very low maintenance! Each individual unit's filter is easily removable and washable. Simply wipe down the unit's casing as well, to keep it free from dust. That is the only maintenance the unit requires.

  • Check Airflow- cleanliness of filters and air flow obstruction.
  • Clean coils for efficient heating and cooling
  • Check refrigerant lines for leakage
  • Clean drainage areas
  • Wiring and electrical contacts are inspected
  • Check compression 

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Ductless Mini Split Systems come in an Air Conditioning only application and/or a Heat Pump application.  These systems do NOT come in a Heat Only application. The equipment we supply our customers are Energy Star qualified heat pumps with up to a 23 SEER rating. They provide both your heating and cooling needs while keeping utility costs low. They are among the most efficient equipment available today.

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