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My air conditioner is freezing up, What should I do?

Fixing your frozen AC is a time involved process. First, go to your air conditioning thermostat and turn the system onto the off position. There should be a setting with fan control fan on, and auto. Turn fan to on position (recommended). At this point the system is most likely low on Freon and needs to be serviced by one of our trained technicians.  Please call or fill out our service form to get on the list for a service appointment

Is there a way to lower my electric bill over the air conditioning season?

Each homes air condoning system will only run as well as it is maintained.  Filters should be changed regularly.  Clogged filters can cause an inefficient cooling system and improper refrigerant pressures.  The system will only run at its maximum efficiency with clean filters, no internal clogs, proper refrigerant pressures and of course all working electrical parts.

Is indoor air quality important?

YES!! We have heard many stories and seen many homes with mold infestation. People are sick in their own homes and can’t figure out the cause of the sickness. Many times the mold spores are in the duct work and can be killed with ultraviolet light. Other homes have mold issues in their air handler units themselves. The solutions are ultraviolet lights, duct cleaning and duct work replacement.

My heat stopped working, What should I do?

Unfortunately, when it comes to your heating unit they are all built with many electrical components. Besides checking to make sure electrical switches are all on, it is best to give us a call or complete the service set up form for one of our technicians to come out and inform you of your problem.


When should I have my heating or cooling equipment serviced?

We recommend having your heating and cooling systems are serviced before every upcoming season. We like to go over each system to do our best in avoiding your heating or cooling system breaking down throughout the year. This can save you money in the long run.  Countless number of times customers have called for simple emergency work when minor parts could have been found and repaired with a simple pre-season tune up.

My heating or cooling system won’t turn on, What should I do?

Check all electrical switches on walls and by your heating or cooling equipment. Check electrical breakers to see if someone has turned them off to do other electrical work. If electrical breakers have been tripped call us and we will schedule an appointment and come out to you at your earliest convenience.

How often do I replace my HVAC filters?

This can vary on different homes. Some homes are much dustier than others. Not necessarily due to dirtiness but homes with mostly carpets and animals are more prone to dirtier filters. This leads to filters needing to be replaced more often. We recommend checking your filters monthly until you find out how much dust your home accumulates. With some homes, you'll find your filters need to be replaced monthly and others may need to be replaced 3 - 5 times a year.

When should I replace my furnace?

We recommend to have your furnace serviced every pre-season.  During this time we will give you an analysis on where your furnace is in its life expectancy. The average life expectancy of a typical home furnace is 10-15 years with a quality installation. After this point it's recommended by our technicians to consider replacing the heating unit with something more energy efficient.