Benefits of Package Units

Simple, compact, all in one....

 If you are opening a new business and need heating and cooling solutions or would like to simply upgrade your business, we strongly recommend you to consider a package unit. These units are energy efficient and can keep costs of a comfortable indoor space down. They are easily accessible for maintenance and repairs. Rooftop package units also save interior space since the equipment is installed outside and give you the ability to heat and cool larger spaces. 


Package Unit Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspect Air Filters and Inlet Screens

  • Inspect Fan housing and motor

  • Inspect belts for proper tension and alignment

  • Inspect heat exchanger

  • Clean coils

  • Clean drainage

  • Check refrigerant

  • Check for voltage imbalances

  • Conduct amperage check

  • Make sure all panels are fastened and securely in place

Package Unit Maintenance

As always regular maintenance on all HVAC equipment is imperative to a long and healthy lifespan. However, with a rooftop unit seasonal maintenance is particularly important due to weather and elements. It's remote location makes it a little bit more difficult for a person to see and hear signals that it is time for a service. Much like all your HVAC equipment any issues can be prevented with tune-ups. Just call East Coast Heating & Cooling to avoid any issues and ensure long lasting units. 

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What are package units?

Package units are commonly found in light and large commercial applications such as retail spaces, industrial properties or "mom and pop" shops. All components are found in one cabinet on a rooftop. This unit connects directly into the buildings ventilation system to distribute air within the building. These special units can be configured as Air Conditioners, or a Heat Pump capable of both heating and cooling.  

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        Here at East Coast Heating and Cooling, light commercial roof top units are one of our favorite types of heating and cooling .  We repair, replace and service them throughout the year. We change filters, belts and any other necessary maintenance and repairs.  We are in the business of light commercial Heating and Cooling systems.  This means we install, repair and maintain heating and air conditioning package units located on  the top of a small, commercial building.

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