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​​Nj Master  HVAC contractor licence  # 19hc00609000

Heating and  Air Conditioning  replacements  ​located in Hazlet, NJ serving all surrounding areas

  • Leak Tests & Repairs
  • R - 22 & R - 410a Refrigerant
  • Most Other Refrigerants
  • Condensate Pumps
  • PVC drains & others
  • Sheet Metal Plenums

Line Set Installation & Replacements

In most cases a line set can be repaired but sometimes during the construction of your home builders can put

copper connections behind a sheet rock wall.  In this case, a new line set can be ran if necessary.

Electrical Components

Most electrical components can be replaced when an technician is on the job. We stock many varieties of electrical

components on all of our trucks. Some equipment uses special order parts only. We work with our customers to

get these parts as quickly as possible.

Leak Tests & Repairs

All of our leak tests are done with perfection. We use nothing less than 180lbs of nitrogen to find any leaks in open

areas. All leaks can be fixed on site. Your equipment can and will be up and running in a few hours. Any refrigerants

used are included in the price. All leaks that are fixed are guaranteed/warrantied for 30 days.

R - 22 & R - 410a Refrigerant

These are the most common refrigerants used today. These refrigerants are stocked on our trucks and can be used on site 24/7.

Most Other Refrigerants

Other refrigerants are stocked in our warehouse or any local supply house. If the type of refrigerant is known, please let our customer service representative aware when you call.

Sheet Metal Plenums

A sheet metal plenum is the first piece of duct work off of your furnace or air handler.  At East Coast Heating & Cooling we have our own sheet metal shop where we fabricate any plenums necessary for your job.    

​​Air Conditioning Repairs, Sales, Service & Installation Servicing Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex Counties

In need of an air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement ?

    When it comes to your home, comfort in your air conditioning system can be your most valuable investment. Whether your air conditioning system has broken down; your home has never had air conditioning, or your just in the market for replacing your out dated, & inefficient air conditioning system, we can help! 

     Here at East Coast Heating & Cooling we use products with a minimum  5 year warrantee and an additional 5 years  upon product registration with the manufacture,  as a master HVACR recognized  contractor i guarantee personally the labor, and installation of any of my employees or myself.     ​

    With years of experience and master level craft work most repairs can be done on the spot or within the same day! If you your unit needs to be completely replaced it will be done at your covienence & via the first 24 hours.

​​Other Services:

  • Coil Cleaning
  • All Major Repairs
  • Coil Replacements
  • Air Conditioner Replacements
  • Line Set Installation & Replacements
  • Electrical Components

Coil Cleaning

Equipment that doesn't have proper filtration can cause a coil to clog and not cool your home properly. We can repair this problem with 100% assurance.

All Major Repairs

This can consist of blower motors, compressors, capacitors, contactors & other major components.

Coil Replacements

In some situations the emergency pans on older coils are made of metal and can rust through causing water damage to your furnace's electrical components. In this case, a coil replacement is the only fix.

Air Conditioner Replacements

Older condensing units can fail in many ways; compressor seizing, copper rotting, electrical failure, etc. In this case, newer model units are much more efficient and can save you over $200.00 a month on your summer electric bill.