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      Ductless mini split hvac systems are a convent way to add heating and air conditioning to a unconditioned room or a small addition in your home. Ductless mini split systems come in a  air conditioning only application and/or a heat pump application.  These systems do NOT come in a heat only application. The equipment we supply our customers are Energy Star qualified heat pumps with up to a 23SEER rating, so they provide both heating and cooling while keeping utility costs low. They are among the most efficient equipment available today.

The mini split systems we provide our customers have a very low Maintenance. Each unit’s filter is easily removable and washable. Merely wipe down the unit’s casing to keep it free of dust and wash down the systems removable filter and let dry. That’s all the maintenance the unit requires!

Duckless Mini Split Installations and replacements in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties

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